The victory of bionic tech

By: Aishwariya Mitra

September 7, 2021


When it comes to walking, speaking or running we all are very positive about our every move. Involuntary movements can be very static at some points but it’s the most necessary thing. 

নিজের উদ্যোগে তৈরি সমাধি বাক্সের উপরে বিছানা পেতে ঘুমিয়েছেন অশোক ঘোষ

অশোক ঘোষ ।। ছবি সৌজন্যে : Google

let’s close out eyes and think for once, if we can’t move our legs or hands. We can’t imagine that to happen, however some of our soldiers are still living with this feeling. 12% of the new born kids never knew the joy of running. This scares us. Here comes the bionic tech. It has led into a massive change in our lives. People who are living with the pain of paralysis or loosing a body part can walk or run again with the help of bionic foot.